Plectrum Jazz Guitar Solos

Named as a "Best of 2011" by Jazz Journalists Association! Also, see C. Michael Bailey's review in the "Media" page, among others. About five years ago I began to consider how to solve the various problems of trying to play solo guitar with the pick. You reconsider absolutely everything. The coolest thing about doing this is that it is relatively rare, and you find yourself solving problems that you have never heard anyone solve before. Doesn't mean no one has, it just means you haven't heard it. Either way, you're on your own.
If you prefer, it is also available on CD Baby, itunes and several other online sources.

Last Call

Recorded 1999, released 2000 on the Southport label. Features Brian Sandstrom and David Marr, Bass, Rusty Jones and Tim Davis, Drums, and Larry Luchowski on Piano. Bebop, Hard Bop, Ballads and Blues.


Recorded 1994 on the Southport label. Features Brian Sandstrom, Bass and Rusty Jones, Drums. Blazing Bebop guitar playing with a telepathic trio.


Fundamentals For Jazz Musicians

This is the best book you are going to find that explains the basics of music in the ways that the Jazz musician must know them. Starting absolutely from ground zero, the book explains how to develop a comprehensive understanding of sound and time, which are the materials any musician works with. Covers intervals, scales, chords, chord-to-scale formulas, chord extension, alteration, substitution, form, analysis, rhythm, the Blues, study methods, piano voicings for non-pianists, etc. Even experienced players should study this book from page one, since it explains WHAT, HOW, and WHY. A recurring thread throughout the book is that the nomeclature, the system of naming things, is out of date and has been for 150 years, which is the cause of most of the confusion and lack of clarity that everyone has to battle to understand theory

Sight Reading For Guitarists

If you have been playing guitar for a while, have tried and failed to learn to read in the past, and are sick and tired of not knowing how, then have I got a book for you! Guitarists are generally poor readers because the guitar is a complicated instrument compared to wind or keyboard instruments. The strategy here is to simplify the instrument, learn how to read on it, then go ahead and complicate the instrument again. Learn confidence in grabbing pitch and learn how rhythm really works. I have been using this method for almost 15 years. It always worked but now it is perfected.